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D rainage is another area where England Erosion stands above the competition. We can deliver everything you need to drain 4” gutters into a ditch or to detain runoff from a large parking area, clean it, and then discharge it. To accomplish this we have key distributing relationships with the best in plastic, HDPE pipe and fitting producers. We also have valuable relationships with large CMP (corrugated metal pipe) manufacturers on both ends of the state so as to be able to provide the most cost effective delivery of material possible.

Along with the pipe and fittings to accomplish small and large drainage products, we also carry all of the geotextiles necessary to provide for separation of native soils from the backfill necessary for installation. We are proud to offer one of the best lines of water quality units around with much lower pick weights for easier installation and less time. Just supply us your plan & detail sheets and we will provide you with our equivalent and support you in the approval process. This can be quite an effective way to save money on a project.

We also can supply PVC & HDPE pond liners to meet any project’s specifications and assist in arranging for professional installation as well. Also for your ponds and retention areas, we have added a line of skimmers to help complete the project. From small plastic area drains and basins to large, custom in-line drains and basins fabricated to a specific job’s requirements, we can do it all. We have also added lines to handle your trench and slotted drain needs for specialty applications such as athletic fields as well as drainage structures. If it is called for on a drainage plan, we can supply it.

Here is a list of some of our most used products, including plastic pipes, black corrugated pipes for drainage, culvert pipes, pond liners, and water quality units.

  • Drainage Pipes Nashville TN
  • Plastic Pipes for drainage
  • Culvert Pipe
  • Single wall HDPE black corrugated pipe
  • Dual wall HDPE black corrugated pipe (smooth inside)
  • Single & Dual wall HDPE fittings
  • Area drains & catch basins
  • Castings (grate or solid)
  • Custom inline drains
  • Custom drain basins
  • Drainage structures
  • CMP (corrugated metal pipe) culverts
  • CMP fittings & couplers
  • Skimmers
  • Trench drains
  • Slotted drains
  • Geotextiles (for separation)
  • Pond Liners (HDPE & PVC)
  • Water Quality Units
  • Underground Detention Systems

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