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Straw Blankets for Erosion Control Nashville TN

England Erosion is dedicated to providing the highest quality erosion control products, including straw blankets. Erosion control products are designed and implemented to stabilize in-situ soil, thus reducing non-point-source pollution. Using straw blankets for erosion control solutions have many benefits, including cost, speed of implementation, ability to vegetate. They also meet a variety of longevity and performance criteria.


Coconut Blankets Nashville TN

Coconut Blankets are a great option for erosion control on gradual to steep slopes. The coconut erosion control blanket is made from 100% coconut fiber with double, photodegradable netting. It usually provides erosion protection up to 3 years. Coconut blankets conforms to any soil contour. Coconut blankets are recommended for 1:1 slopes or steeper and high flow channels.

Curlex Blankets Nashville TN

England Erosion is proud to offer Curlex Blankets for erosion control in Nashville TN. Developed in the early 1960s, Curlex excelsior blankets are specifically designed to actually promote ideal growing conditions for grass seed, while simultaneously protecting topsoil from wind and water erosion. Curlex excelsior blankets have long passed the test of time. By design, Curlex blankets have a built-in swell factor – wet curled excelsior fibers slightly expand in thickness and interlock to form a strong, fiber matrix. This allows the fibers to provide intimate contact with local terrain. Water flow is trained to follow the curled fiber matrix. The roughness of the curled excelsior matrix slows the velocity to a point where gravity takes over, which allows moisture to slowly seep into the topsoil to promote ideal growing conditions.

For more info on Curlex Blankets from American Excelsior Company, click here.

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