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E ESS offers a wide variety of seeding materials to take care of your residential and commercial lawns to large commercial and DOT projects. We always keep in stock the seasonal seed blends that are required by DOT regulations. You can refer to the TDOT Specification to find what group of seed that you may need depending on the time of year you are applying it or our TDOT Seeding Chart for spread rates and to determine the quantity needed for your project.

We also supply turf type fescues and Bermuda grasses to meet your commercial and homeowner’s landscaping needs. As well as custom wildlife and lawn mixtures. All seed is tested and meets the Department of Agriculture’s regulations. Fertilizers are also a necessity to improve your stand of grass or start your lawn off right. Whether it be a shady lawn mixture or a big game mix we can blend whatever you may need. Please see our Seed Planting Chart to help estimate the perfect time and coverage for our geographic area.

  • Certified DOT blends
  • Contractor’s mix
  • Grasses & grass-like species
  • Herbaceous flowering  & wildflower species
  • Woody trees, shrubs & vines
  • Cover crops, pasture grasses & biofuels
  • Forage & wildlife food plots
  • …most any available seed
  • Fertilizers for establishment and management
  • 16-45-7 water soluble fertilizers
  • Custom fertilizer mixtures (bulk)
  • Riparian & native grasses
  • Hydro-mulching supplies

Bulk vs. Pure Live Seed (PLS)

England Erosion sells its seed in bulk or pure live seed (PLS) quantities. Pure live seed refers to the amount of live seed in a lot of bulk seed. The cost of pure live seed is proportionately higher than bulk seed. All seeding rates and prices are based on bulk seed unless indicated with ‘PLS’ following a rate or price.

The Formula: The purity % multiplied by the germination, divided by 100 equals the amount of pure live seed (PLS) in a lot of bulk seed. To determine how much bulk seed is required for 1 PLS pound, 1 is divided by the PLS %.

The Example: (96% purity x 80% germ)/100 = 76.8% PLS per pound of seed; 1/.768 = 1.3 pounds bulk needed for 1 pound of PLS

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